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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Start-UP

Today I begin my journey ... who am I kidding I've already begun my journey!! But today is the day I put my journey out there for the world to see. (Or at least a few facebook friends)
Last night I was driving on my way to get my nails done because I couldn't take it any more, and I was listening to UGK Int'l Player's Anthem. Now ... for those of you who know that song, you are probably chuckling, for those of you who don't ... just keep reading. It is a very inspirational song of sorts, it gets you going, your body moves in absolutely ridiculous ways when dancing to this song. Anyways, that's when it struck me, I need motivation!
Everyday I browse fitness articles and healthy recipes and then somehow I end up on Food Network drooling over every one of Paula Dean's recipes, all the meanwhile I am usually eating handfuls of sugar.
For example, and this is seriously NO JOKE, this was what I ate yesterday:
Breakfast: Sweet tarts, chocolate covered almonds, 2 bowls of Life
Snack: More sweet tarts, chocolate covered almonds
..Here's where my day changed ... at 2:00 I decided to do some P90X .... I did 45 mins. It felt like 3 hours. I could barely move because my stomach was full of CRAP! But I did it!
Afternoon Supper: Eggs, spinach, onions, tomatoes, cheese
Dinner: Fried Chicken (not my fault, Ron made it)
Dessert: While I DID NOT deserve dessert .... Mochi, sweet tarts, and chocolate covered almonds

Ok, so .... my whole reasoning behind posting this was so that hopefully you can feel better about yourself! Even after I decided I was going to start eating healthy and getting in shape I still ate fried chicken and dessert. But everyday is a new day.
Breakfast: Oatmeal, Raspberries, Strawberry's (Praise Jesus for a new day!!)

So I would like to bare my soul to you ... well at least a few things from my soul ;-)
If I can be an inspiration to you that would be awesome. If I could be an example of what not to do, hey that works for me!! I am just hoping that my honesty will encourage you to be honest with yourself. Prepare yourself lovers! You are about to see some things that will make you laugh, (like a picture of me doing a pull up) things that will make you cry, (me eating 3 boxes of mochi in one sitting ... well actually that might make you laugh) things that make you think, (Why does Ron put up with her?) and most importantly there will be plenty of things to come that will make you feel really really good about yourself even as you insert that donut into your mouth!
This is the year! The year I am going to do a freaking pull-up! Hey if I can..... you can....


  1. Love it joy!!! Use a chair for help on the pull Tony says MODIFY MODIFY MODIFY! I can't do any right now..but I used to be able to. But hey I have 38 extra pounds more then I normally do :)
    This morning I ate an apple and sad to say last night I made gram crackers with whip cream and put them in the freezer...I ate two of those also. I can't wait to get back to working out after kyra is born. I cant diet..cause I'm going to breast feed so I have to still eat a I'll be doing lots of Smoothies!

  2. Have to share this...when I hit publish comment it popped up those words you have to type in so the computer knows your not a machine and anyways the letters I entered were...ORKER.....I think its a really didn't want to hurt my feelings but it was probably wanting to say PORKER! haha