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Sunday, February 12, 2012

These Pictures are worth at least a few words ...

So this morning I was rudely awakened at 6 o' clock ... yes it is Sunday. If I were a good Christian I would get dressed and go to church. But instead I am listening to worship music on Pandora, eating a pretty healthy breakfast, doing a P90X workout and then taking my Layla on a walk so I can have some prayer time. When I get back I will probably then watch BET's Bobby Jones Gospel (not gonna lie ... I LOVE that show!)

When I woke up Waffles were on my mind. I failed last night. It was late, my stomach was rumbling, I ate some waffles. And they were delicious!! Thankfully ... today is a new day! As I was waking up thinking about how delicious more waffles would be I decided I wasn't going to give in this morning. I was going to stay strong!

So here is my breakfast:
Now your first reaction might have been "ewww she's putting spinach in eggs?? Ok I am seriously not going to read her blog anymore." But before you write me off, let me assure you! It actually isn't that bad! I chop the spinach up, wait until the eggs are almost cooked, throw the spinach in turn the heat all the way down and just let the spinach wilt. Then for flavor I add some salt and a ton of pepper. It's actually very eatable. I'm not going to lie and say it's delicious but it is eatable and you get used to it. I like a ton of pepper, you might like hot sauce. Just try it, it won't kill you. In addition this morning I had a piece of whole wheat toast and my standard cup of black tea. If you are really trying to be healthy leave out the toast and opt for oatmeal. But, I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take up tea drinking! Not only will it make you more sophisticated by default, it is also very good for you. Tea is full of antioxidants, and has less caffiene than coffee. I drink it straight if you can't, I recommend honey or agave as a sweetener and some skim milk. You might just find yourself LOVING IT! (said in my FAB UU LOUSSS voice)

Later today I am going to post my before pics in my bathing suit and a pic of me attempting to do a pull up so you can keep me accountable and track my progress! Any suggestions?? Lemme know!

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